Unable to take the mask off, I determined that driving the steed wasn’t the reason she was placed there. I was a Deku Scrub in Clock Town – this scene would normally play after the first time you traveled again in time.

Your support this complete time has stored me going and now I am lastly freed from this. The final video entry I made, Matt.wmv, began as regular. I was spawned in Clock Town as traditional and nothing appeared to be misplaced, decided to set things right and play the Oath to Order ontop of the Clock Tower on the 4th day, I prepared myself. I sped up time and got to the final day, making my method to the observatory. As I got as much as the telescope room and approached the astromer, he would not let me look into his telescope.

It’s as if everything has…” however as an alternative of claiming “Started over”, she completed her comment in broken textual content as the laugh of the Happy Mask Salesman performed within the background. I was put back in charge of my character, however from a fucked up digicam angle – I was wanting from behind the door to the Clock Tower, watching my avatar run around as a Deku Scrub. Seeing as how I actually had no place to go as a result of I couldn’t see something, I begrudgingly went inside the door. There, I was greeted by the Happy Mask Salesman who simply advised me “You’ve met with a horrible destiny, haven’t you?

This will be the final time you may be listening to from me, and that is my ultimate reward to you – these are the notes that I actually have taken and the realizations I’ve made. Before I delve into this, I need to thanks for following me and thanks for listening, it seems like the load of a powerful burden is about to be lifted. I actually cant inform you what happened, when he spoke it was sort of hard to grasp him and his fucked up look actually distracted me. I’ve had this video since yesterday, but had to have somebody help me use pinnacle, that’s probably not my forte. That after watching it I had to return through and look at his different movies on his YouTube account to realize what was going on and even then I’m actually really confused. The video I’m releasing tonight, TheTruth.txt shall be released on September 15 similar to he requested.

He advised me that it might be cheating and that I ought to comply with the foundations. Despite my repeated efforts, the sport would not let me do the 4th day glitch, irrespective of how onerous or what I tried, I tried working across the sport and doing the glitch, but it was adament this time. Regardless of if I simply had the illusion of free will in prior video games, this time the sport became extra aggressive than anything I’ve ever seen. It ultimately told me to go to Ikana Canyon, the place the game would end and it might stop haunting me, anxious and desperate to finish this nightmare I performed the track of soaring and ended up there. I was advised to verify my stock, that I would discover the answers there to finish the game. I arrived at Ikana Canyon and saved my progress at the owl statue. As I searched via my stock, I finally observed that I was missing a reoccurring track – the Elegy of Emptiness.

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Obviously once I traveled there and discovered the track, I suppose that was the very last thing it needed before BEN determined it had had sufficient enjoyable taking part in with me. Ben is a manipulator; he tries to idiot his victims into security and makes you drop your guard like a venus fly trap, he ensares them. I am nothing however a puppet to him, he enjoys seeing what kind of human emotions he can faucet into by doing different things. My shrieks and screams triggered the Happy Mask Salesman’s face to show into essentially the most horrific smile I had ever seen. He sporadically moved round, examining this procedure like a curious physician, in that impossible movement. My eyes rolled behind my head because of the pain. I couldn’t wake up regardless of how hard I tried I couldn’t wake up.

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Sure sufficient – I virtually missed it – I discovered one thing on the bottom of the ocean; one final Elegy of Emptiness statue. I went down to examine it and suddenly my Zora began doing a choking animation I had never seen a Zora do earlier than – which didn’t even make sense as a result of Zora’s can breath underwater. Regardless, my character choked to death and died, and once more the statue was the one thing that was highlighted in my death. I didn’t re-spawn this time, I was booted back to the primary menu as if I restarted the console. I had little time to ponder as I was immediately given one other small cut-scene of remodeling into a Zora and now I found myself in Great Temple Bay. Hesitant but curious to see what the game had in store for me, I slowly made my method towards the seashore, where I found Epona. I puzzled why the game had determined to place her right here, was the sport implying she was attempting to get a drink?

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I tried to scream however the mask was pressed so tightly in opposition to my face that it was my new face… and my new face had no mouth. I tried telling myself in my head that I was dreaming, tried telling myself again and again, and abruptly the Moon Children stopped and looked at me.

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After around thirty seconds of this, the game simply fades out with the message “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you? ” earlier than kicking you out to the title screen. I jumped when this occurred – I had by no means seen this transfer used by ANYONE within the game and Skull Kid himself didn’t HAVE any strikes. As the demise display performed, my lifeless physique still burning, the Skull Kid laughed and the screen pale to black, solely to have me reappear in the identical place. I determined to cost him, however the identical factor occurred, Link’s physique was lifted off the bottom by some unknown pressure and he instantly burst into flames again killing him. This time during the death display the faint sounds of the reverse Song of Healing could possibly be heard. On my third , I observed that there was no music enjoying this time, that all there was was eerie silence.

Immediately I was thrust into full chaos. Sure sufficient, I was outdoors Stone Tower Temple, but that’s about all that was anticipated.

And the Happy Mask Salesman slowly bent down and stared at me, inches away from my face, and grinned when he simply said “You’ve met with a terrible destiny, haven’t you? ” before the Moon Children resumed with increase vigor. It wouldn’t let me get up till they had crafted me into one other elegy statue. This could also be a protracted learn, I don’t have time to proof-learn or make all of my analysis pretty.

That’s the tip of the copy/paste, I’m hoping that perhaps that is some sort of operating gag the developers had and that other people have gotten “gag” or “hacked” copies of the game like this. So now I’m back here writing down the rest of my ideas and recording what happened, sorry if a few of this has grammatical errors and whatnot, I’m running on no sleep here. I assume “BEN” is something in this equation, however I don’t know what, and if I could get a hold of the old man then I would be able to find some answers. The idea to report solely came to me in the direction of the end, so you see the previous couple of minutes of what I noticed , nevertheless it’s on YouTube here. As the death screen neared its end, it started to chug, as if the cartridge was trying to process a lot of something…. I couldn’t transfer, I couldn’t press any buttons, all I may do is just stare at Link’s useless body.


I haven’t dared peek at it yet, so the primary time I see it will be the primary time you see it out of respect to my good friend. To answer your questions, no, I haven’t tried calling him but, I suppose I’ll give him a name tomorrow to see if hes okay or not. Suddenly I realized that Epona saved neighing and the way in which she was angled made it seem like she was making an attempt to sign a point to me off in the distance. It was a hunch, however I dove into Great Bay and began swimming.

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The zone itself wasn’t called Stone Tower Temple, but somewhat “St o n e”, and immediately a dialogue box of full gibberish that I couldn’t make out greeted me. Link’s physique was distorted – his back was cocked violently to the aspect the place his posture was completely disfigured. Link’s expression was dull, almost monotonous, he had an expression on his face that I didn’t recognize before, it was a blank look – as if he was useless. Sounds performed passion com review backwards and forwards that I didn’t acknowledge from the sport – almost demonic in nature, and there was some kind of high-pitched yip or some sort of laugh or something enjoying within the background. I pressed begin, bracing for the worst, but just like two nights in the past, the files “Your Turn” and “BEN” have been displayed .